Sing with Opera Pro Cantanti!

How to join our company

As Canada's only repertory opera company, OPC is unique - reason enough to become a member! We perform more frequently than most other small opera companies (up to 20 times per season!). This allows members of our company unparalleled opportunities for gaining experience on stage, whether singing a lead role, a supporting role, or as chorus, while enjoying the thrill of taking part in one of the greatest operas ever written. 

The opportunity for singers to perform roles, multiple times, in fully staged productions is rare!  OPC delivers on this opportunity! 

Singers who join OPC all become members of the company. There is no distinction between leading artist (soloist) and chorus, we are simply members. Most opera companies have a status-gap between the singers in the chorus and the singers who sing solo roles. We do not. We are all proud members of a collective ... singers at all levels from beginner to professional level, who simply love to sing opera together. When not performing one of their solo roles, you will see our lead singers alongside their colleagues singing chorus! 

Everyone capable of taking on a lead role is offered the opportunity without formal audition. 

OPC is member financed. Every member pays a monthly fee to offset the expenses of producing our operas.

Currently, our membership fee is set at $50/mo. We do not charge for the first month. The second month's payment is $25.

This is paid monthly - it is NOT a drop-in fee. Monthly payments must be sustained, regardless of attendance (unless the singer elects to leave the company).

We have a "sponsorship" program for singers who wish to join the company but who find themselves in financial difficulty. This is an anonymous program. Simply speak to the Artistic Director to apply.

Duties and expectations of members:

- Active participation in set up and strike for every performance.

- Attendance at occasional "work-parties" to repair sets, or work on props and costumes, as necessary.

- Participation as chorus on nights that the singer is not scheduled to sing one of their roles.

- Regular attendance at weekly rehearsals. 

- Ongoing and consistent recruitment of new members.

- Ongoing and consistent effort to promote the company to potential audience.