by Giuseppe Verdi

La Traviata on stage

La Traviata is one of the most beloved operatic works of all time. This romantic and tragic story of a courtesan who makes a supreme sacrifice for love has captured the heart and imagination of audiences all over the world and has been adapted into countless works of "homage" (including the popular film Moulin Rouge.)  With its timeless story of passionate love, and its breathtaking music for soloists, chorus and instrumentalists, La Traviata is a grand opera at its absolute pinnacle. 


Violetta, a youthful courtesan, resides in Paris and indulges in a lavish lifestyle. However, she is afflicted with tuberculosis. Accustomed to trading love for monetary gain, Violetta finds herself in a predicament when she encounters Alfredo, a man who has been admiring her from a distance for a while. She grapples with the decision of letting go of her carefree lifestyle to embrace genuine love.

Act II opens in the house Violetta has purchased in the countryside. Violetta and Alfredo are enjoying a happy life together.

Alfredo goes to Paris to resolve financial issues. His father, Giorgio Germont, comes to Violetta. He expresses concern about how their relationship will affect the family's reputation and begs Violeta to leave Alfredo. Feeling guilty, Violetta agrees and returns to Paris saying her farewell to Alfredo in a letter.

After Violetta leaves, Giorgio tries to comfort his son, but Alfredo believes she has left him for an old suitor, Baron Douphol, and runs to Paris to seek revenge.

Coming to the party hosted by Violetta's friend, Flora, Alfredo humiliates Violetta in front of the guests and throws money at her feet in payment for her services.

Alfredo has learned the real reason for Violetta’s desertion. He returns to Paris, to apologize to Violetta, her disease is in the final stages, with no possibility for a cure.

After a passionate reunion with Alfredo, she collapses and dies in his arms.


Violetta - Annette Ducharme, Christina Lewall, Sylwia Karwowska   Alfredo - Derek Bacchioni, Alessandro Alvarado   Germont - Richard Williams, Riley McMitchell   Flora - LisaMarie Bressett, Iuliia Nikolaeva Annina - Iuliia Nikolaeva   Gaston - Derek Bacchioni, Michael Novak  Baron - Richard Williams, Riley McMitchell   Marquis - Tony Mookerjee, Roberto Sola   Doctor - Tony Mookerjee, Roberto Solla